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A Top 10 Startup at Strata Data San Jose 2017

MityLytics recognized by Strata Data

Continuous Performance Management is:

Delivered as a service.

Platform Agnostic- it works in your public cloud, bare metal, or on-premises environments.

Non-intrusive- our software extracts monitoring data from your existing sources.

Setup in minutes.  Just point and deploy our solution.

Our zero-touch, non-intrusive solution maps the topology of your environment after simply connecting to a single external-facing node.  MityLytics integrates monitoring data from multiple sources across the full software stack (app, ingestion engines, processing engines, data stores, etc.) and its infrastructure (storage, compute, networking).  Our patent pending machine learning algorithms analyze these statistics in real-time to proactively identify and remediate problems before they occur.  This changes the game for enterprises and service providers, resulting in rapid application deployement, business agility, and giving them a 10x productivity gain and up to a 50% reduction in TCO.

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Just point to your cluster and we do the rest...

Evaluate your apps on different providers for performance and auto-tune if you like. All backed by the patent-pending machine learning algorithms developed by MityLytics.

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