Reduce Costs by Improving Your Analytics Efficiency

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Reduce Costs by Improving Your Analytics Efficiency

According to IDC, companies are expected to be spending over $187B on Big Data and Business Analytics software by 2019. Approximately $55B of that is expected to be spent on software, with another $28B to be spent on hardware and the balance spent on IT services. With such large numbers, even incremental gains in efficiency can yield savings, and so these spending decisions must be made with proper diligence.

The question, for many, then becomes, where should my organization begin its investment? There is likely a stack in place that is capable of conducting the analysis. That stack is running on infrastructure somewhere. So, where to invest? The stack? The infrastructure? The data warehouse?

With a proper benchmark and understanding of how your stack is performing on its current infrastructure, and insight into how it will perform on alternative platforms, you will be in a position to confidently answer these questions.

MityLytics MiCPM© can analyze the performance of your stack during various jobs and identify opportunities for efficiencies as well, possibly, as opportunities to reduce capacity of a particular resource. It can also tune your application to work better on the infrastructure you are currently using. With this information, you can look at infrastructure alternatives and how your application would perform on them in various configurations.

This initial analysis can help you to right-size your environment on almost any platform. Going forward, this technology can help you fine-tune your stack and code as your data set grows and you add functionality for your users.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more and find out how MityLytics MiCPM© can help your business.

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