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Real-time market analytics relies on a constant data stream from connected devices and disparate sources.  If you are in shipping or commodities trading, the weather in Djibouti today is as important as the weather in Jacksonville next week, but you need to know both today.  Timely transfer of this data, along with responsive applications, is critical to the ability of these analyses to actually be useful to the business.

MityLytics helps its customers to utilize infrastructure, whether it be in-house servers, provisioned bare metal, or public cloud, as efficiently as possible by letting you know exactly where and how your applications are spending their time, and automatically adjusting or making recommendations to optimize their efficiency.

Additionally, applications need to be lightning fast and it is unacceptable for updates to existing apps and new apps to hinder the production environment.  With the information garnered during the analysis of both your development and production environments, MityLytics can then provide your developers with a synthetic environment in which your updates and new applications can be tested to see how they will behave in production.