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MityLytics leverages machine learning to provide integrated performance management for distributed systems. We embed performance management into developer and operations workflows and deliver Continuous Performance Management with the MityLytics zero-touch MiCPM©.

Utilizing the trove of data available from hardware and software applications, along with third party monitoring and logging solutions, MityLytics’ machine learning algorithms correlate events and provide actionable recommendations to improve performance after watching jobs run just a handful of times.  Our rapid machine learning algorithms sift through this data in minutes, completing an analysis that would take a significant time investment for developers to complete manually.  Users have the option to review and initiate these remediations or allow MityLytics to initiate them via API calls to the applications.

MityLytics is a point and deploy solution that can be attached to your cluster in a matter of minutes and does not require a professional services engagement.  It connects to your history and timeline servers to gather log data and other available metrics.

Download Optimizing the Performance of Distributed Systems to learn more.