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Big Data Articles and Analyst Reports

1) The state of Big Data infrastructure, Computer Associates

  • Mentions that Big Data spend spend as a percentage of total IT spend 18- 25% from 2015-2018 and growing.. Backed up by engagements with customers big and small.
  • “Over nine in ten respondents also anticipate major challenges with managing their organization’s infrastructure to support current and future Big Data initiatives.”
  • “Over nine in ten (93%) respondents anticipate Big Data environment challenges. The most anticipated challenge is the complexity of managing such a large implementation (48%).”

2) 2017 Application Performance Management Predictions

  • “…the real value will be from analytics, which harnesses the big data of application and infrastructure metrics and correlates them to business performance. “

3) Big Data Market Forecast

  • Estimated to be $86B by 2026

4) How-to: Select the Right Hardware for Your New Hadoop Cluster

  • “It is important to remember when using multiple ecosystem components resource usage will vary and focusing on resource management will be your key to success.”

Stress Testing Kafka, Spark and Cassandra on Bare Metal

We were recently introduced to Packet; a cloud-provider that offers bare metal servers in the cloud, so we decided to build a data pipeline testbench in an increasingly popular configuration (Kafka message broker, Spark for streaming and Cassandra for data storage) using our software and share our observations and experiences. If you would like to learn more about the results of our study, please fill in the form below to download the PDF.