MityLytics provides an integrated performance management system for developers, deployers and operators of analytics applications and platforms. We embed performance management into developer and operations workflows and deliver Continuous Performance Management with the MityLytics zero-touch MiCPMĀ©.


Size your on-premises or in-cloud clusters for workflows in our synthetic environments. Balance your resource usage to eliminate bottlenecks while maximizing efficiencies of your resources.


Deploy your applications with confidence by testing them in a synthetic model of your environment before deploying them and Test compatibility with existing applications.


Operate and Optimize your workloads using MitySoft MiCPM Continuous Performance Management to maximize resource utilization and operate with detailed insights into your application profiles.

Just point to your cluster and we do the rest …

Evaluate your apps on different providers for performance and auto-tune if you like. All backed by the patent-pending machine learning algorithms developed by MityLytics.

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About Us

We are a team with over 100 years of combined experience in Big Data analytics, cloud infrastructure and technology management and have extensive experience developing and deploying enterprise software products and SaaS solutions for Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, startups, universities and government agencies.

The Team

Manish Singh

Co-founder, CEO and CTO

Rishi Divate

Co-founder and Executive VP of Engineering

Heather McKelvey

Co-founder and Executive VP of Products

Sankalp Sah

Founding Engineer

Scott Mordock

Founding Engineer

Parmeet Chaddha


Shaun Reid

Shaun leads MityLytics BizDev efforts.

Rakhi Mahto

Founding Engineer

Misha Nanjappachar

Head, Customer Success and Solutions

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