Stress Testing Kafka, Spark and Cassandra on Bare Metal

We were introduced to Packet, a cloud-provider that offers bare metal servers in the cloud, so we decided to build a data pipeline testbench in an increasingly popular configuration (Kafka message broker, Spark for streaming and Cassandra for data storage) using our software and share our observations and experiences. To learn more about the study,[…]

Performance Prediction and bottleneck identification for Spark, Hadoop and Hive

Characterize and predict performance, identify bottlenecks as you scale up your, do all that without actually spinning up your cluster. A way for you to correctly size your resources (CPU, RAM, Storage and Networking) as your dataset grows. Illustrated in this talk with benchmark suites. If interested drop us a line, we are working with[…]

Have you deployed Big Data platforms?

Have you thought about these questions while deploying your Big Data platforms? How mature is the technology ? How was your experience? Have you ever thought about ripping out your deployment from the cloud and going on-premise ? Have you thought about scaling your deployment? For example, on very short notice, for bursty data? We have[…]