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MityLytics can help in different ways:

  • We can optimize and right-size Big Data clusters by realizing higher throughput for analytics and storage be it in AWS, any other cloud infrastructure provider, in-house or a third party co-location. We will suggest the most appropriate solutions given an organization’s workload and platform size while maintaining application SLAs.
  • We can help with Big Data capacity planning by running simulated workloads that model future growth and identify any potential choke points along the way as you scale up.
  • We will help with monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging Big Data clusters in an end-to-end manner so that IT teams can proactively and instantly identify problems in infrastructure or managed service components thus lowering operating costs.

By using advanced tools, analytics and collaborative efforts, we help our customers save costs, accelerate ROI, be proactive and ultimately use Big Data platforms to their best advantage.

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